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Submit Anon: Rooming Scam at Anime Boston


I just had the worst weekend ever and I need to warn people about this shit because if it happens to anyone else I hope this bitch gets arrested. Her name is Laura [last name removed by Mod A]

I needed a room for AB, so I posted online asking if anyone had space. I heard from someone on facebook…

OMG this is absolutely horrible how could someone even do that!.. this disgusts me on so many levels please in the future people only room with people you know and trust I heard about these sorts of stories before but I never thought it would happen here just ughh :( -hugs-




The police just came to my door and gave me the worst news of my life. My baby was euthanized today. They told me they had no information on the person who was “bitten”. All they acted on was a picture sent to them. My baby is gone because someone didn’t like us having him.
We won’t be on tumblr, possibly ever again.

This most likely happened due to tumblr hate. I’m horrified that someone would be so heartless and the more I’m on here the more disgusted I am with people.

In the past few days I have seen death threats given to someone because of what they feed their dogs.

I have seen disgusting amounts of hate towards a couple because they are happy.

I have seen people wishing death on someone’s dog because she bought it instead of rescued it.

And now this, someone’s family pet was put to sleep today because of a false statement made by someone.
Bare in mind this animal was an indoor pet and never left the house.
I wonder where it fucking came from?

I literally talked to maythefoxbewithyou just 10 minutes ago. Likely JUST before those policemen came to her door. She said she believed it was a person from Tumblr that had called.

Shame on you. I hope you sleep well tonight over what you have done. Whoever you are.

I don’t care if your reason was “You don’t think wild animals should be kept as pets” or “You should have adopted a dog instead” or “The animal is dangerous” some other selfish BS. You were wrong. And foolishly self absorbed.

That was a domesticated fox. As far as I know, you can only get them from a Research institute in Russia for the cost of 6 to ten THOUSAND dollars. They are 50 years domesticated, and are no longer wild animals. Letting him into the wild is certain death.

But you, whoever you were- committed an unforgivable act. You ripped a loving animal from it’s owner and had him put down for no more than a phone call and fake evidence. How dare you. 

I hope it hangs on your conciousness for the rest of your life. You may think that no one knows you did it- and that you can hide in your anonymous identity forever. But you won’t escape karma. And I hope it hangs your a** out to dry some day.

I have had the same thing done to me with my puppy people upset that I didnt get it from a shelter and telling me what a terrible person I am for buying him Crowley is the best puppy I could ever ask for and no shitty shelter dog would ever be him

bottom line here is think before you speak about animals people the people who told this poor person about their animal are no better then the assholes in russia killing innocent puppies ._.

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