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I am a robot and I’m cleaning a ship cleany cleany ship cleany cleany ship~

took off the text it was bothering me but yea reuploaded enjoy my weird flash test doodle

OKAY So I am a big Babby at flash but I made this little gif of simonbot cleaning a ship and singing a little song I can’t wait to do more flash stuffs :D this is really fun -cough- he had a bucket of jaffacakes originally but they looked too much like hockey pucks so I cut them


One day I will actually have a proper sleeping schedule bleh I can barely sleep lately :( even the soothing sounds of youtubers don’t work like they used to

I have horrible night terrors if the room is too quiet and those are not fun I have gotten over the separation anxiety from being away from my fiance but even then there are some nights where I feel really shakey or nervous 

for new or old followers who barely know me I suffer from panic disorder to the point now my anxiety attacks just come on there are no warning signs they just come on its not a fun thing to deal with

when I am feeling really bad I watch video’s on yt or even draw fanart of stuff and people I admire

it really means a lot to me that you lovies reblogged and liked my recent fanart I have been very critical about what i draw lately so a lot of times I don’t even know if its good enough to post but yea I am just rambling at this point

just thank you everyone I will be doing more fanart probably animalcrossing crossovers heh

SEE THIS RIGHT HERE this is omg the best piece of art I have done in a while whoo.. and its not even half way done but yepp super proud of this just wanted to post it here :3

-Edit- AAHHH thanks for all the likes QAQ I hope to get this finished by the end of the week I do see some things I need to edit such as the blue on his shirt looks too dark and some random hair stuff but yes i am still very happy with this:3

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