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Guys seriously?




a lot of them are a scam or poorly run if you feel the need to attend a con attend your local anime convention/comic convention just because it doesn’t have the word “fandom” on it doesn’t mean their arn’t people there that like the same things you do.

I am…

Considering how well Fanime has done for many, many years and is a convention “For the Fans by the Fans” and several other incredibly successful fan-made/constructed/staffed conventions, Animazement for example (or at least the last time I went it was years ago) Yaoi-con used to be before the DMP buy-out, that have been around for years. Don’t post these sorts of things. It hurts conventions that are actually responsible and are amazing. 

RATHER what should be said is 


Things like “DO NOT ATTEND FAN MADE CONVENTIONS” only places scare tactics into people. 

People should be educated but not chased off of amazing Fan-Run conventions that are successful and have been for years.

Looks like someones a little butthurt that I am correct but yes not all fan cons are necessarily bad however the new ones that pop up are always pretty sketchy

Guys seriously?

DO NOT ATTEND FAN MADE CONVENTIONS (edit) If they havn’t been around for more then a year there is no way to find out if the con was actually good in the first place or a total scam

a lot of them are a scam or poorly run if you feel the need to attend a con attend your local anime convention/comic convention just because it doesn’t have the word “fandom” on it doesn’t mean their arn’t people there that like the same things you do.

I am posting this as someone disgusted with fandomcons I have seen so many scams with the past year whether it be minecraft related or just fandom cons themselves which is suposed to be next November in boston or whatever seems to me like the same thing is going to happen its going to be a fanmade con 

In summer of 2013, three friends had a vision: to create a smaller, less commercialized fan conference, where the intimate atmosphere would inspire more meaningful, in-depth discussions, and where strangers could become lifelong friends.  A con with less hustle and bustle.  A con where a fandom that’s typically overlooked could finally reach its full potential.

With the help of Boston comic book stores like Comicazi and local meetup groups like Bostonstuck, we’re working to make this daring dream a reality.  But we can’t do it without YOU.  Alternicon is a convention that’s FOR fans, BY fans — and that makes you the star!”

A fanmade con is more like a disaster waiting to happen especially they are having a dealers room?… do they not realize you cant make profit from homestuck merch just.. really?

-shakes head-

just attend normal cons and quit your bitching about fanmade stuff its called fanmade for a reason so its bound to suck



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So normally most of these things are bullshit however this is not  see this link on the page of that is one of my best friends (however we did date in the past) he is very close to me I would REALLY appreciate it if you could donate or just pass this along

he is a trans male trying to become a full male be taking the hormones however his parents are NOT for it and constantly tell him how its a shitty idea they call him by his birthname which is really degrading for someone who wants to change. as long as I known him he was more of a man sorta like a tom boy tbh I honestly don’t get why older people in society think its so wrong to be who you see yourself as why do people constantly have to have this problem its their CHILD they should be more supportive its not like they have a terrible kid

it just ugh really pisses me off but this isn’t about their parents its about Hunter my best friend and sometimes feel like my only friend

if you can do ANYTHING to help please do so

I do not want to see comments he should go to a safe home he should do this

he is pretty much stuck where he is with no friends to escape to so you as the donator helper or maybe even friend can help save them please pass this along or Donate

He also has a furaffinity in which you can commission art from him :3

Thank you for reading this


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